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Our Team

Carmen Sprage, Executive Board President of the Cape Coral Art League

Carmen Sprague

Board President

We mourn the passing of our long-time Children's Class teacher, Betsy Kosher.
Our hearts are with her husband Bill, daughter Carrie and granddaughter Lily. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Cape Coral Art League
Message from the President

Greetings Everyone...

Hope everyone is well and contemplating your return to the land of hot..
I for one, am ready for some cooler weather... hot gets old after awhile..
Other wise..every thing is fine here at the art league.
The Office is gearing up for Season.

A few things to update..

The Board had its first meeting this week and we have decided to amend one of our Bi-Laws..The following information will count as our first reading to the Membership for amendment to the Bi-Laws..It was decided that Under Article 1V..Section 5...the length of elected terms will be reduced form 3 years to 2 years..A copy of the Bi-law page can be seen by CLICKING HERE.

It has been exceedingly hard to find new Board Members..We hope by reducing the length of service ..will make joining the Board more attractive.
Being a Board Member is a great way to give back and not a lot of time commitment. It's a worthy cause..thats for sure...
Questions about this..Please let me know..

Our first Show of the season is October 2 ..People and Places...
receiving is 12 to 3...And our Membership Meeting is just before receiving at 11am..Previous emails have gone out about Hispanic Heritage Month and the Leadership Show..So I won't bore you with that info..
Our Demo will be with our own Donna Cole and the Art of Zentangle...A very interesting art form and very relaxing..I hear..Just What I need...
I'm sure we will learn a lot...

Unfortunately, Donna Maves has fallen and broken her hip....her class is cancelled for Nov. and Dec..Hopefully returning in January...
I know, we all wish her a speedy recovery and want her back soon......
Sending Love to  Donna and Nurse Fred......

In closing..please remember that the art league is an all volunteer organization. We..The Board..serve at the pleasure of the Membership..It is imperative that members volunteer to help out for activities....attend meetings....participate in art shows..ect..
We are all busy with all sorts of things..BUT...the art league survives year after year with your particiaption..Drop in once and while..attend and art opening....take a class or workshop..attend open painting..ect..

We look forward to seeing you all..Go out and enjoy a sunset were ever you are..Clears the mind and resets the soul...

Carmen Sprague
President CCAL

Our Executive Board

Cape Coral Art League

Kim Hebda &
Joe Jackson (TBD)


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Patsy Dautle

Repairs & Maintenance


Judy Calla

Public Relations


Dee Stevenson

Recording Secretary

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Lillian Wilson

Special Events

Our Committee Chairs


Kim Carioto-Krugle & Beth Blewet

Co-Chairs Gallery Shows


Nancy Thompson

Office Secretary


Carmen Sprague

Gift Shop


Miriam Frawley

Web Development

Cape Coral Art League
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