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Carmen Sprage, Executive Board President of the Cape Coral Art League

Carmen Sprague

Board President

Cape Coral Art League
Message from the President

Greetings Everyone..

As we end the year..its a blessing that we are still here and doing what we love..Its been a long and intresting year..and I for one..am glad thats its almost over..and I hope only good things for all of us in 2022..

Just a few reminders..
Please support all our endevors..as this is how we pay our bills..
The January Art Show and Sale, still needs artists..and don't forget if you want to take a workshop..all have minimums to be met..So do not wait to sign up..just in case we have to cancel.

As a non-profit..every dollar counts..its nice to finally be in the black by just 1000 dollars..and now we focus on 2022 to hopefully take us futher into the black..If your donating to a worthy cause..don't forget the Art League..every donation is so appreciative..and it's such a worthy cause..

I hope all our members know how important they are..Our success continues to be because of you. Every class you sign up for..every membership you renew..keeps us going strong..

I wish you all joy and peace..and know the everyday I spend at the League, renews my faith in the human experience. Spend your time in service to others, in helping others,you enrich your own life so very much..

Feliz Navidad..
Carmen Sprague

Our Executive Board

Cape Coral Art League
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Pat Gilbert

Vice President and Classes/Workshops

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Patsy Dautle

Repairs & Maintenance

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Bob Hayden

Public Relations

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Monica Wildonger

Recording Secretary

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Lillian Wilson

Special Events

Our Committee Chairs

Cape Coral Art League
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Beth Blewett

Gallery Shows


Kimberly Harris

Membership &
Office Secretary


Carmen Sprague &
Virginia Santaella

Gift Shop


Miriam Frawley

Web Development