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Carmen Sprage, Executive Board President of the Cape Coral Art League

Carmen Sprague

Board President

Cape Coral Art League
Message from the President

Greetings All,

Its that time again..where I annoy you with all my updates..Ill try to make it short..Probly Not..But will try.

We still are in need of Members to step up and fill the vacant openings on the Board..Education Chair... This position is a Board position..and takes care of the Classes.. Workshop Chair..This position is not a Board position..and is an umbrella under the Education Chair..and takes care of the Work Shops..Both positions are not hard and with Pat's help.... who ever jumps in here to take over in May..will have Pat and I to help make the transition seamless..Change is good and its inevitable. New ideas are paramount to moving forward..

No one can stay forever. Don't be afraid..This is a great way to give back..and many spokes in this wheel..make it a fun position... Get out of that comfort zone..and step up!!..

Don't forget Members Month starts tomorrow..lets fill that wall in Studio 1..All info is on the gray tables in the back of the room....Wild About Wild Life is a huge get your work in is limited..Stll more questions. Call Kim Carioti Krugle..240-344-4674 or 

Donations are still being collected for the roof and ect.. If you can donate..Please do..All donations are tax deductible..See me for any Questions you mite have..And I thank all of you who have donated so far..WE ARE THE VILLAGE....A heart felt Thank you..A thank you to all those who sat for the Cape Coral Rotary Show..It was cold..but all the flyers went like hot I feel it was a great success..Thanks Again..

In the Chinese Culture is the year of the rabbit ....It symbolizes rest, hope, and prosperity. Let us share the Hope of more Love and Acceptance with whom all we meet ...may we all get caught up on our rest..
and prosper..not just monetarily..but have a life worth living, in having loving relationships..and making the world a better place for us all..  

Love and Peace Always Wins..
Carmen Sprague

Our Executive Board

Cape Coral Art League
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Pat Gilbert

Vice President and Classes/Workshops

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Patsy Dautle

Repairs & Maintenance


Judy Calla

Public Relations


Dee Stevenson

Recording Secretary

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Lillian Wilson

Special Events

Our Committee Chairs


Kim Carioto-Krugle & Beth Blewet

Co-Chairs Gallery Shows


Nancy Thompson

Office Secretary


Carmen Sprague

Gift Shop


Miriam Frawley

Web Development

Cape Coral Art League
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