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The April Featured Artist of the Month is


Christine will feature "The Hancock", one of her largest impressionistic paintings at 6ftX8ft of the Hancock Building in Chicago, Illinois.  Christine was inspired by it's architecture having the support structure on the OUTSIDE of the building!  It is to scale and took more than 4 months to complete.  Her other works will be Plein Air of our local area.  Christine will also have 3 new Abstract painted artworks based on topography with the longitude and latitude readings in the CCAL Media Mix Gallery Show this month.

Christine Dekkers was born in Peoria, Illinois and has also lived in New England, Pittsburgh, Austin and Chicago.  She now spends her time in Cape Coral and upstate New York.  She has travelled the globe finding inspiration and beauty in diverse landscapes, architecture, artists and cultures.  She has been a photographer since childhood with the "ole brownie camera" (from her grandmother) and Kodak Instamatic.  Her introduction to oils and acrylics began in 1987.  Christine paints in the impressionism and modern styles and more recently, Plein Air.  "I love color and want to make space come alive and dance."  Her experimentation and expression with digital art started in 2008 in a modern abstract art style.  "This is the ultimate in creating and playing".  Christine is a former exectutive with a Forture 100 company.  "I've been waiting my whole life to share my creative side".  Her artwork can be seen at: