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Madonna (Donna) Maves

"I started painting when I was 50, came home after my first lesson and told my husband Fred: "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life".

I studied with a great teacher, Sharon Wilson for 7 years.  When I retired from teaching in Bloomington, Minnesota after 35 years, I combined my love of teaching and watercolor.  I started a new retirement career teaching watercolor to adults.

I have my own studio at our lake home in Minnesota, where we live 6 months over the summer, called Cottontail Studio.  During the winter months, I teach here at the Cape Coral Art League...the best club in the area!

Teaching watercolor has enhanced my retirement beyond my wildest dreams.  I get to share my passion with people from all over this country and from other counties who live here in Cape Coral and at my lake home up north.

I continue to improve my watercolor techniques by taking lessons from many nationally ranked watercolor artists".

Contact information:  if you would wish to buy a painting or take lessons, please contact me at 218-330-8946

Enjoy just a few of my paintings below.  Enjoy them firsthand at the Cape Coral Art League during normal business hours.